Allie Gregory is a recent grad from Humber College in Professional Writing & Communications. She also has her Bachelor's degree from OCAD University where she was a Textile Design major.

She is a freelance writer and Content Marketing Assistant at Exclaim! Media

Her art practice involves hand-dyed fibre/textile techniques applied to weaving and felt applications, as well as digital manipulation of images for surface design applications. Her surface designs have been adapted for use in carpet applications for Weaver’s Art, and were featured in the 2017 issue of Toronto Home magazine and the November 2017 issue of Canadian House and Home magazine. In that same year, she participated in the artist’s residency at Artscape Gibraltar Point. There, she focused her practice on further digital surface designs pertaining to the nature of impermanence on the Toronto Islands in the wake of the spring floods.

She is a music enthusiast and tattoo hobbyist.

Check out her music blogwriting portfolio & art.



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