2018 Playlist

If you happen to know me well (or have ever sat down with me for any length of time), you would likely know that I spend a lot of time thinking about great songs and the bands that make them. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been making playlists that help define a specific mood, time, or place. I was naming them after my boyfriends or ideas I was trying to trace; things like ‘pace’ and ‘wave’ and ‘Andrew’ (LOL).

Last year I made my very first year-in-review playlist on Spotify and wrote about it on Facebook. This year I’ve been doing the same, but I’ve made it into a year long project instead of a December-ditch-effort. I’m going to try to post regularly on this blog about the new releases I come across, and the ones that I’ve already had on heavy rotation. If you want to hear the playlist in its working stage you can listen to it here.

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