Effervescent Island by Angelo de Augustine - 2018 Playlist

Effervescent Island - Angelo de Augustine 


Effervescent Island follows the title track on the EP Carcassonne, which was released on June 29, 2018. Self-produced, the two track EP was released by Asthmatic Kitty Records AKA Sufjan Steven’s label, so you know it’s going to be good. Augustine has released two LPs since 2014, including Swim Inside the Moon, also with Asthmatic Kitty, which, TBH, I have yet to give an honest spin. Though I’ll be adding his earlier works to my ‘to listen’ list because, if you know me, this is the type of music I tend to lap right up: slow, stripped down, and with whispered, yet somehow annunciated vocals painting a cozy soundscape. 

As of this moment, I have missed his Toronto show at the Drake by about a week :(. Hopefully the EP is hinting at some upcoming new music and subsequent tour to bring him back again. Considering how quickly the tour commenced surrounding the summer release, my bet is that this Augustine is a veteran on the road. 

The song itself gives me ASMR-feelings. The production work on Augustine’s vocals is minimal and concise. The intimacy of the whispered layered vocals with guitar and piano on Carcassonne and E.I. respectively gives me both the warm fuzzies and shivers simultaneously. There’s a glottal quality to both tracks to which the title track owes its sentimentality, while E.I. owes its mysteriousness. Lyrically, E.I. reads like a search for pleasures in love and discovery, pronounced acutely by its careful cadence.

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