Human by Molly Sarlé - 2019 Playlist

Humans - Molly Sarlé


If you’ve been paying attention, we’ve switched to 2019 somewhere around five months ago, and I haven’t written a single damn thing about this playlist I’ve been working on! Well, here it comes. Your 2019 year-in-review playlist begins here! With Molly Sarlé. You may recognize her from power band Mountain Man or from her affiliation with Mountain Man bandmate, Amelia Randall Meath of Sylvan Esso

The girls have been keeping buuuusy following the release of Mountain Man’s sophomore LP, Magic Ship (2018). Along with a couple EPs including the John Denver cover album (which I ???love??? for some reason), bandmate Alexandra Sauser-Monnig has also released a few solo tracks (no spoilers). Amidst all the recording, both Sylvan Esso and Mountain Man have been touring a lot too. 

So you could say I’m a little stoked about new work from any of them, especially considering the eight-year hiatus the band took between recording Made the Harbour and Magic Ship. And in comes Sarlé with this dope new track with a *completely* different colour scheme than what we’re used to with Mountain Man. The video is wild, in an unexpected way. The first shot opens with Sarlé running her fingers through hot pink tinsel, walking onstage. 

I’m used to Sarlé wearing linen and cuddling farm animals in front of film cameras. It’s pleasant and fresh to see her come out into disco lights and lamé for a hipster karaoke (possibly breakup revenge?) party. Remember those parties? So fun! If anyone out there is still interested in glitter (REVENGE) parties anymore, I’m available. 


The song itself is incredible. It’s just one step more daring than Mountain Man’s, clocking in just shy of an ambling four minutes. “Well, who hasn’t talked to God like he’s a man?” Sarlé ponders in the second verse, “I do it all the time on accident / Sometimes I talk to you that way and I’m sorry baby.” Sarlé unveils a truth about all of us here (especially those of us who court men): that tendency of putting your crush/lover/fwb on a pedestal is both diminishing to your sense of self and honestly? Usually disappointing anyway. 

Sarlé imagines in Humans, the pathway that leads beyond her man’s “skinny legs,” and in an act of self-preservation, tells the plotline, Nah, I’m good. Definitely not worth the fuss or the monogamy. Afterall, we’re only human. 

Sarlé’s debut LP is due sometime this year. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

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