Silver Civic by Charlotte Cornfield - 2019 Playlist

Silver Civic - Charlotte Cornfield


Charlotte. Why’d you have to go and write this song about my 2016 heartbreak? I had finally buried that memory deep down inside and you had to bring it up like this? Apparently this ex-Burdock booking manager has been hiding in the bushes of my life since a hippie boy packed up his Subaru and drove out of town. Okay, so she got that one detail wrong – it was a green Forrester, not a Civic – but the rest fits! The more truths Cornfield splays out in her new album The Shape of Your Name, the more punches there are to the metaphorical gut. 

Have you ever been abandoned by someone you loved? When suddenly every song about heartache starts to make sense? “Silver Civic” is one of those songs. Cornfield knows the universality of that feeling and she harnesses it, which makes it disarming in the most honest way. 

She coaxes you to dig deep: past the resolve, past the sadness, the anger and even the love itself, and forces you to remember the hopefulness and the security from when times were good. It cuts deep. “I used to find you just by chance,” she sings, unearthing the moments of serendipity often facilitated by Toronto’s tightly knit communities. I USED TO FIND HIM BY CHANCE TOO, CHARLOTTE! STOP THAT

The music video shows Cornfield (decidedly not downtown and not in a car) riding her bike, singing longingly into the camera. We’re throttled into present day while she croons, “Now I’m in rumpled cotton slouching / Got my kingdom, got my couch / Autopilot is my pilot / I roll in and I whirl out.” Mourning loss of love at a distance, the song brings pensiveness to the fallout. How do you rebuild? In “Silver Civic,” we’re not quite out of ground zero yet. But Cornfield is content to sit just on the brink of the destruction, look in, and smile. 

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